The concept of a Regional Specialised Meteorological Centre (RSMC) for ASEAN was initiated by the ASEAN National Meteorological Services (NMSs) in 1985. The aim was for the Centre to support the development of ASEAN NMSs, to enable the ASEAN NMSs to fully benefit from the advances made in meteorological science and technology, and to provide the strongest support possible through weather and climate services to important economic sectors. In May 1992, the Third Meeting of the 25th ASEAN Standing Committee (ASC) endorsed the recommendation of the Committee on Science and Technology (COST) to establish the ASEAN Specialised Meteorological Centre (ASMC) as a permanent ASEAN Centre in Singapore. ASMC was officially established in January 1993, and is hosted by the Meteorological Service Singapore.

Over the years, ASMC’s role has expanded to address the region’s evolving needs. Under the ASEAN Regional Haze Action Plan endorsed by the ASEAN Ministers of the Environment and implemented in 1997, the ASMC was designated as the regional centre to monitor and assess land and forest fires and provide early warning on the occurrence of transboundary smoke haze affecting the southern ASEAN region. The area of coverage was extended in 2002 to encompass the entire ASEAN region. In addition, ASMC also performs the role of a technical expert at ASEAN meetings on haze.

ASMC main roles include:

  • Undertake research and development to improve scientific understanding and prediction of weather and climate systems of significance to the region.
  • Serve as the ASEAN regional centre for monitoring and assessment of land/forest fires and haze, including provision of early warning for transboundary haze.
  • Conduct regional capability development programmes to enable ASEAN National Meteorological Services leverage advances in science and technology to support important economic sectors.

This website provides a wide range of operational and regularly updated information and products on the weather, climate and smoke haze situation in the ASEAN region that can be used by meteorological experts and end users from different sectors (such as the environment, forestry, agriculture, etc). While ASMC provides the regional perspective that can be applied to local context, individual ASEAN NMSs and national authorities remain best placed to issue warnings on hazardous weather and environmental conditions impacting their respective countries.

ASEAN Specialised Meteorological Centre

20 Years of Haze Monitoring in Southeast Asia