Review of Land Fires and Smoke Haze Situation for First Fortnight of November 2019

1.1 In the first fortnight of November 2019, hotspot activities in the northern ASEAN region remained subdued.

1.2 In the southern ASEAN region, there were persistent hotspot clusters and moderate to dense smoke haze mainly in the Sumatran provinces of South Sumatra and Lampung. There were also isolated hotspots with localised smoke plumes detected in southern Kalimantan and some parts of the Lesser Sunda Islands.

Figure 1: Distribution of hotspots detected based on NOAA-20 satellite surveillance and mean winds at 2500 ft in the first fortnight of November 2019 (Source of wind data: JMA)

Figure 2: NOAA-20 satellite image on 7 November 2019 shows smoke haze from hotspot clusters in the southern parts of Sumatra.