Review of Land Fires and Smoke Haze Situation for Second Fortnight of July 2019

1.1 In the second half of July 2019, dry weather persisted in the southern ASEAN region. This contributed to a further escalation of hotspot activities. Persistent hotspot clusters with smoke plumes and haze were observed, particularly in central and southern Sumatra, and in Kalimantan. Some of the smoke haze from hotspots in West Kalimantan was observed to be blown by the prevailing winds toward Sarawak. Smoke haze from hotspots in Riau, central Sumatra were observed to be blown toward Peninsular Malaysia. In the northern ASEAN region, hotspot activities were generally subdued by the prevailing rainy weather.

Figure 1: Persistent hotspot clusters with smoke haze (yellow dotted lines) in Sumatra

Figure 2: Smoke haze (yellow dotted lines) from hotspots in parts of Kalimantan. Some haze from West Kalimantan blown toward Sarawak