Review of Land Fires and Smoke Haze Situation for Second Fortnight of November 2019

1.1 During the second fortnight of November 2019, isolated hotspots began to emerge in the Mekong sub-region as dry weather prevailed. These hotspots were mostly short-lived. Localised smoke plumes were observed to emanate from some of the hotspots, particularly from those detected in central Thailand.

1.2 With the end of the dry season and increase in shower activities over the southern ASEAN region, hotspot activities were subdued.

Figure 1: Distribution of hotspots detected based on NOAA-20 satellite surveillance and mean winds at 2500 ft in the second fortnight of November 2019 (Source of wind data: JMA)

Figure 2: Isolated hotspots detected mainly in Thailand on 30 Nov 2019.