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Regional Haze Update

Dry weather conditions continued to prevail over the northern ASEAN region. Scattered hotspots were detected in Cambodia, and isolated hotspots were detected in Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Slight smoke haze was observed over parts of the northern ASEAN region. Wet weather conditions prevailed over parts of the southern ASEAN region. Isolated hotspots with localised smoke haze in its vicinity were detected over the southwestern part of Kalimantan. For the next few days, winds are expected to blow from the northeast or east in the northern ASEAN region, while winds in the southern ASEAN region are expected to blow from the northwest or north.

Updated 6:35 PM 17 Feb

  • The hotspots depicted in the map are derived from the NOAA satellite and they represent locations with possible active fires. Hotspots may go undetected due to cloudy conditions or incomplete satellite pass.
  • The 2500 ft winds (depicted by arrows) are model analysis winds.