Subseasonal Weather Outlook (1 – 15 July 2019)

Issued 2 July 2019
Valid for weeks 1 and 2: 1 July – 15 July


Figure 1: Rainfall Outlook

Figure 2: Temperature Outlook

For the first fortnight of July 2019, drier-than-average conditions are expected over parts of the southern ASEAN region, including the southern parts of Sumatra and Kalimantan, and Java. Wetter-than-average conditions may develop over parts of eastern Maritime Continent and eastern Mekong sub-region in Week 1.

Warmer-than-average conditions present over the inland parts of the northern ASEAN region are expected to ease.

There is currently no significant Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) signal present. For the first fortnight of July 2019, there are no consistent signs of an MJO re-developing.

The outlook is assessed for the region in general. For specific updates on the national scale, the relevant ASEAN National Meteorological and Hydrological Services should be consulted.