Subseasonal Weather Outlook (1 – 15 November 2019)

Issued 31 October 2019
Valid for weeks 1 and 2: 1 November – 15 November


Figure 1: Rainfall Outlook


Figure 2: Temperature Outlook


Drier-than-average conditions are forecast over many areas in the southern ASEAN region with the positive phase of the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) persisting. However, wetter conditions are expected over northern Sumatra and Peninsular Malaysia in the first week of the fortnight due to the development of the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) .

Wetter-than-average conditions can be expected over the Philippines and coastal Viet Nam in the first fortnight of November, although the rainfall in Viet Nam is expected to return to near-average conditions during the second week.

Warmer-than-average conditions are expected over the western half of the Mekong sub-region and around the Java Sea area.

The outlook is assessed for the region in general. For specific updates on the national scale, the relevant ASEAN National Meteorological and Hydrological Services should be consulted.